EAD apple red
EAD aquamarine
EAD asteriod
EAD autumn
EAD azure
EAD black diamond
EAD black hologram
EAD blue fox
EAD bluebell
EAD cayman green hologram
EAD christmas
EAD disco hologram
EAD emerald green
EAD firebrand
EAD georgie
EAD glazier blue
EAD gold hologram
EAD golden fields
EAD golden fox
EAD ivory hologram
EAD kelly green
EAD laser blue hologram
EAD lavender hologram
EAD lectric lime
EAD lilac
EAD magenta
EAD mango
EAD meteor
EAD mocha
EAD moss green
EAD Mulburry
EAD neon tango
EAD neon yellow
EAD nice n spicy
EAD night fire
EAD night heat
EAD night violet
EAD nutmeg
EAD orange hologram
EAD pastel green
EAD peacock
EAD pink
EAD plum perfection
EAD primrose
EAD purple
EAD red hologram
EAD red
EAD remmington steel
EAD rose copper
EAD salmon pink
EAD saphire
EAD seafoam
EAD sherbert
EAD silver
EAD thistle
EAD tinsel
EAD truffle
EAD twilight blue
EAD way too pink
EAD white diamond

Colour images are for the guidance only. Non toxic glitter. We would like to advise that the disco glitters are best used on items easily removed from the cake, not intended to consumption.

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